Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have always admired the maternity style of supermodel & mom Claudia Schiffer. Of course, she has an easier time of it all, living in Paris where both the weather, social norms, and let's face it, shopping, suit being chic. Muscat is not a shopper's paradise. However, being pregnant is made easy here by the availability of caftans/jalabiyia for formal occasions, and abaya for casual. But what if that is not what you regularily live in? And like me, you hate the hastle of driving to Dubai (I'd fly first class of course but who does that really---okay, a few of the girls I know but not me).
I admit, to have quite peaceably gone through my last pregnancy broke and barefoot at home (definately not in the kitchen) wearing nothing but the aforementioned and whatever else I had brought from my home country that still fit me during the nine months.
But this time, I am determined to do everything differently. I am going to keep working until all else fails. I am going to dress fabulous and take more photos. I will eat actual food.
Those are my goals. So recently I have been going over the latest Western/European style fashions in store in Muscat, and I admit to finding stuff mainly from Matalan, Promod, and H&M (with one dress in Zara) that fits my blooming figure. My favourite store, Mango, has some investments, but they won't fit me now, and so... I will wear what I like that fits from wherever else. I put together a few inspiration boards to get me going one pieces I can wear through out the nine months that will last me later. They aren't too on trend, but are simply the sort of classic look I like.


The Duncan Adventures said...

Mabrook! Hoping that you have a happy & healthy pregnancy.

It really isn't easy dressing to be fabulous in the heat of Oman. I lived in black leggings and oversized tshirts from Mango, actually 3 months later I haven't changed much... :-S

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

The DUncan Adventures: Thank you and oh god I really hope that inshaAllah. My last one so miserable, I nearly died lol. I ti sfunny now, but not so then.

Really? So it is not just me in leggings EVERY DAY lol? That is so my uniform under an abaya ever day, else little sundress, or t-shirt and stretch shorts (which should never be seen in public EVER unless you can also swim in them ha ha).

T-shirts form Mango hmmmm, all mine are Zara, or from the kids section in Matalan (why are British sizes so large compared to American and European?!).

I ma glad motherhood is going well for you, alhamdulilah:)

mm88 said...

congratulations on your pregnancy! I have been following your blog for quite a while now and I have a few things to thank you for (one being that I was able to get married in the same manner you did).

I have recently become an abaya convert and that is definitely because of my own blooming figure. Love the fact that I can wear yoga pants and tshirts to work now! :)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

mm88: Mabruk to you too then!

That is absolutely why I started wearing abaya in the first place. I wore it in Canada. I mean there, you can wear whatever, but I was trying to wear Islamic clothing composed out of boutique stuff, and found, with all that layering, I was getting too hot and missed tank tops and skirts and dresses that weren't floor length.

Abaya to the rescue!