Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Opinion about the Zouk Nightclub Pajama Party

Honestly, I just heard about the "Zouk Nightblub Pajama Party" last night. It is already cancelled. I was never intending to go, obviously, being, I am married, Muslim, wear hijab and what-not (which is not to say that does not stop Muslims from going to these places---we muslims are not a perfect representation of the religion of Islam, that's for sure). But towards the matter, given that, why bother to form an opinion of it?

I was shown the advertisement for the event last night, and heard about the "pillow fight". Omani inlaws were aghast. "They'll probably wear lingerie" "women going alone go for free" {which they do in most nightclubs in Oman all the time}.

I don't really understand why it was so shocking and offensive. I mean, if you are going to be all Islamist about it, be offended that nightclubs exist at all, that Muslim Omanis CAN and DO buy alcohol at hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, ect... That half of the Omani dudes your husband or son works with have Omani girlfriends or unhalal and even adulterous affairs (big sin in Islam BTW) without ever going to nightclubs. They do. It is a simple fact. Ask how I know?: I wasn't always perfect {in fact, I still majorly suck}. But to digress, I grew up a non-Muslim teenager here. Back then my friends were guys because the British girls were on holiday or their parents were super cool and let them ride in rally's across the desert--- and mine did not think I should leave Qu'rum, like ever. They {Omani guys} told me some awesomely wicked stories.

Sure, what goes on isn't advertised on a poster, but what are nightclubs anyways? I mean, as a girl, it was a place to dance, that's it, hang out with friends. For guys, it is either the same as the former, or it is a place to drink, stare at girls, and hopefully hook up with something female and none too ugly. That is the nightclub. A pajama party is not going to make the people going any worse, than any old night of regular unnanounced activity at a nightclub, Oman.

I know, I know, sex and the body are the worst possible sins somehow, but really guys? Pajamas?

How many grown up expat women do you know that would dress in slutty lingerie and whack other women with pillows anyways? Even the ones I know who like nightclubs, for the dancing, they wouldn't really do that. Maybe they'd go to watch other drunk stupid girls do that, that could be fun...

But the event was encouraging it! And we Omanis as country are Islamic and don't support that.

Now really?

Well past nightclub events in Oman have promoted the wearing of swimsuits, and, lo and behold, dating, far worse than pillow fights, technically, provided I am sure only 1-2 women would be bold enough to actually wear lingerie, and not like, shorts and t-shirts or whatever they'd normally wear out dancing, and no woman actually usually intentionally hooks up with guys at a nightclub who wouldn't do that with or without a pillow fight. I'd usually blame the cheap vodka, but hey.... In Oman it is far easier to blame pillows and promoters, rather than our own actions and society.

To sum it up simply: Islam is against drinking, sex/kissing/touching before and without marriage, and women dancing in front of men. Thus, the average mainstay of the nightclub depending on what crowd of night-club-goer you fall into. However, I'd like to be the one Islamist person in Oman to boldly state for public record: Islam has nothing against pillow-fights or women wearing pajamas.

That is my opinion as a former-expat-now-Muslim who understands the nightclub scene, expat women, Omani and expat dudes, and Islam.  As a Muslim, I am against drinking for any Muslims in Oman, and will disown your friendship or probably scorn you publically if you are cheating on your spouse and don't feel sorry about it and change, like, immediately. That's how the Qu'ran says we Muslims roll. For the people who don't share my beliefs: I just wish that you stay safe, do as you will, it isn't for me to judge or control, but try not to harm anyone else, including yourselves, your bodies, your hearts, or your minds.


The Duncan Adventures said...

I love the "Islam has nothing against pillow fights or women wearing pajamas" hee hee. Glad to hear it!

As a white Expat I can confirm that pillow fighting in nightclubs is not the norm in my country either. Pajama parties, well yes sometimes. It does make it easier at the end of the night as you don't have to change to go to bed.

❤ αmαℓ said...

"I mean, if you are going to be all Islamist about it, be offended that nightclubs exist at all, that Muslim Omanis CAN and DO buy alcohol at hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, ect..."

Completely agree with this.

Mabrook (& MashAllah) on your pregnancy by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Very well explained! by the way this is not the first Pyjama party in Oman. I have attended the same party in Rock Bottom before and still have the pictures!

Anonymous said...

very well explained! In Fact I have attended the same Pyjama Party just some time Rock Bottom which is also in Qurum area and it was quite fun! I still have pictures as well where people dressed up for fun.I wish to post those pictures somewhere to tell everyone that the party was good nothing wrong in this theme, It looks very unfair that no one reacted before on the same party done and all of a sudden every one woke up on it and started reacting weirdly.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

The Duncan Adevntures: I miss pajamama parties, such a good and (easy) theme. Some pizza, some take-out chinese, and a stack of movies, and all your bestfriends.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Amal: Shukran, thank you.

The irony is, they get offended over the least... not the worst.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: Really? I dind't know rockbottom had hosted one. But then, I didn't hear about this one until every Omani I knew was pretty enraged lol.

I am sure it was pretty tame compared to other themes I know of.... Sorry for the ignorance, and misapplication of Islamic outrage.

Capybara said...

Excellent post! I have nothing cogent to say, but the name 'pajama party' just makes me think of my long lost yellow flannel penguin pajamas and what an odd sight that would be in a nightclub :3