Saturday, April 26, 2014

FABULOUS FINDS: Mango Grecian Cross-back Floor-length dress in Red

I was in City Center, Seeb last night, checking out the new Mango (not new- but newly rennovated) when I spied this Grecian-draped cross-backed chiffon number dazzling me from the racks. In the words of Valentino, every woman needs a floor-length red gown in opera red.

Okay, I don't know if Valentino actually said that, I made it up, so you could say, those are the words of this OPNO, but so...I firmly believe it.

My chocolate-covered daughter agreed, and alarmingly, reached for it. Thankfully, said gown was rescued by a very polite store clerk, who did not mention why I had such a grubby kid in her place of work. Who lets their kids run around a store hung neatly in shades pastel chiffon, with choclate coating said child's every available orifice, huh?

Sadly, I tried it on. It looked fab, but was like four sizes too big. Sizes 2 and 4 were gone, but the larger sizes from there up remain.

For less than 60 OMR, you should invest if it would fit you, dear sizes 6-8. Red floor length gowns in Grecian drapes are forever, think Vionnet. Diamonds match perfectly. And you just got your salaries all, so why not splurge?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for recommendation! I like your taste. Only I'm not sure it's my shade of red :( Besides my jealous khaleeji husband would not let me wear something like this outside the house :-/
Lucky you :)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anon: Wear it in the house;) then.

I think my husband thinks the same, but I am pretty forceful. I usually win.

Except on the issue of taking taxis. Apparently, I can't do that, like ever ever ever....