Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Art of Finishing

I love waking up early---before everyone else, as the sun comes up--- sipping a hot mug of coffee, and finshing whatever my life didn't give me time to do the night before, be it dishes, writing, eating a healthy meal... or painting. As I posted earlier, I have a lot of work to do in the form of completing paintings.

As I sat down the other day to finish an old canvas of a wadi at sunset, I forced myself to work on it, telling myself, while it isn't very good, it needs to get done. And despite the self-depreciation I always feel towards my canvases, I forced myself to stop and say "this is done" when it was to the point where it couldn't get any better, and could only get worse. Sometimes you have to do that. I suck at scenery... But I will never get better if I stay on the same scene.

After finishing that one up (pictured bottom of this post) I contemplated a ruined canvas. My daughter had attacked it with oils. We had spray-painted it gold to make something for her room afterwards... but I was still in a finishing mood that morning, and I had extra paint on my plate (who needs something more professional?) so I do what I always do when the value of a canavs is iffy in quality...and made kitchen art. {Bathroom art is excellent to, for iffy art because who cares about a peice when it is bound for a bathroom anyways?}. Now, I'll probably hide it behind a collection of huge old Khaleeji kettles I haven't got around to arranging yet... but I made something. Making something "meh" is better than making nothing at all, is how I look at it, as an untrained, undisciplined, uncaring artist.

But something about finishing something in the morning, whether it is of value or not... makes me much more productive through out the whole day.

Do you find that?


Paintbrushes and Pedicures said...

Your paintings are beautiful! You have a talent. I have a few paintings left frustrates me to see them this way so you have inspired me to get up a bit earlier on the weekends and do something on them! I'm a teacher so no way will it happen in the week!

Anyway, I love the look of your brushes...what are they?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Paintbrushes and pedicures: Thank you! Did you post any of your paintings on your blog?

Paintbrushes and Pedicures said...

I haven't for a few months. Confidence and all that ;-) It's all about the kids' art at school just now! I'm working on a few secret ones; a present for someone do once they've received it then I'll share those! X

Crazy in Kuwait said...

OMG your paintings are super cute! I've yet to find my creative talent, maybe one day when I have time. Anyways, love the art...keep up the good work.