Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Quest for Gulf-girl Gorgeous Hair Continues...

 I recently wrote a post about my longing for gorgeous, healthy, shiny, and long Gulf-girl style hair. According to reader's suggestions, I have tried to pay a little more attention than I normally do to my bewildered locks.
 Mademoiselle Shosho (see my sidebar for the link to her fashion blog---the girl has beautiful bouncy shiny hair so why not listen to her?) suggested I try castor oil treatment for my scalp. I did. But alas, any benefit derived from the oil itself, is removed from the shampoo treatment required to remove said oil. That said, apparently it works wonders on my Omani SIL's hair, which is courser and shiner than mine. Maybe my hair type and scalp type do not suit castor oil? Or maybe I am doing something wrong.

I tried it twice in one week. Both times, after even two shampoos it didn't fully rinse out, which annoyed my scalp and would cause dandruf if not cared for. I used tea tree oil shampoo and baby shampoo, neither of which were harsh enough to remove the oil. So I had to revert to an old enemy of mine (Pantene---which contains salt as a thickener and is super harsh on hair). So any of the benfits from the oil were removed by the shampoo required to remove it.

I do believe it does work on a different hair type than my own, however. So my quest continued...
Came I then to coconut oil. I applied to the ends of my hair and only washed it out if it was not absorbed by the hair. It DID make the ends shinier, but didn't do anything to improve the actual condition of the hair. Plus, the smell is annoying.

So I will keep looking....


Anonymous said...

try vatika olive oil for hair you can put it on your wet hair but I like to slick it all over my dry hair it goes so shiny and the smell is not intense at allmy hair is to my hips and I use about and almond amount of oil.

Anonymous said...

Castor oil is more for growing your hair. If you put it on your lashes every night (don't rinse it off), your lashes will grow sooo long and thick. No need for falsies :)
Try it.

Is the Vatika coconut oil the only one you can find? They usually have 3-4 with different needs. One for hair growth, one for shine and thickness, and another for hair fall... Something like that.

You can try Argan oil or almond oil too. I think they're better than coconut oil.

Lastly, take vitamins. Omega-3's (fish oil) and Biotin.

Anonymous said...

Try almolnd oil, it is light weight and has almost no smell. I usually mix my castor oil with almond or grapeseed oil to make it thinner. castor oil is really good to grow the eyebrows and eyelashes. You will not see a difference in one application, you have to take cake of your hair so the new hair grows healthy and the ends don't split, if they do split cut it off(the part where it split) before it spreads up the hair shaft.

Dalz R said...

I think the concept is that you have to keep at it for over 2 months to see any results :) good luck

There is no miracle remedy but i would suggest a concoction of Mayo (you read that right), coconut oil, 1 egg!!!!
Mix it up, keep for an hour or so then wash be used once a week or more depending on the damage and condition of your hair.

Muslimah Delights said...

As with the above post - try almond oil or argan oil. Perhaps try mixing cocnut oil with a lighter oil such as jojoba?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Blonde moments and deep reflexions. said...

How about Amla oil? It works great :-) Otherwise the good ol' home made mask used in India and Africa actually... Here it comes, fresh yoghurt on your hair, in India they put honey too. Does wonder!

mm88 said...

Opno, My hair may not be the same texture as a woman from the gulf, but it is down past my waist and silky so I am going to put my two cents in.

My key tips are these:

1. When washing your hair, only wash at the roots and never the length of your hair. The shampoo will run through your hair enough the clean the ends of it.

2. Condition the length of your hair only. This then stops the roots from getting greasy and will prevent over washing.

3. Invest in a water filter for the shower head. I got mine at Muscat Pharmacy and it costs around 11 rials. So worth the money.

4. Biotin will make the hair on your head grow much faster, but it will also work on the rest of your body the same way. So you need to weigh up if your hair growth rate really needs to be increased along with your waxing appointments!

5. Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 are great for conditioning your hair from the roots and will help with that shine you are looking for.

6. As much as possible, avoid using hair tools like straighteners and hair dryers, etc. which will cause the hair cuticle to get damaged, and same goes for hair dye and hair spray, mousse, gels etc. All things with alcohol in it will dry out your tresses.

7. If you want to use the oils reccomended by the other ladies, only use it on the mid lengths to the ends of the hair to avoid your scalp being irritated and having to resort to washing it out twice or sometimes, 3 times.

As with all hair stuff, there is no quick fix. you just have to be persistent and keep cutting any split ends to avoid frizzing and fraying and be patient. Good luck!