Tuesday, March 4, 2014

my other do-it-myself project: finish something

And my other DIY project for this week is to try to squeeze in the time to finish one of the canvas paintings I've got piled in the closet. I pretty much suck at scenery or Islamic art, but I am trying to decorate my house with such, and due to budget constraints, ha ha, art has become another sort of DIY project for me. My husband (who is a painter but one who hasn't picked up a paintbrush in YEARS) says my palm tree looks like a firecracker so I've been disuaded to work on this peice, but I don't know... I just gotta get it done and out of the way so I can get on the next...

I also have an abaya to sew, and a paper to write... Fridge magnet DIY.... so much simpler;).

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