Thursday, March 6, 2014

FABULOUS FINDS: Takkya, an Emirati Majlis brand

Thanks to the woman behind "Bedazzled Abayas" I found this funky, sweet, and zesty take on traditional Emirati majlis cushions, by the housewares Design label "Takkya". In case you didn't know, "al majlis" or "al sabla" is a traditional room in GCC house design common in Oman, that is reserved for greeting and entertaining guests. The room is often carpeted and surrounded with couches or cushions faced against the walls. I love these particular majlis cushions by Takkya, because they actually are based on the functionality and traditional embroidery designs of GCC cultural heritage, however, are available in modern and bright colours. To order call +971501222053 or write (based in Abu Dhabi ).
I've been meaning to get around to purchasinf a set of majlis cushions embroidered in the style typical of the early 19th century in Oman (not just the typical Dhofari style I see in most Omani forts/castles regardless of the fact that historically those wouldn't have been used as far abroad regionally in Oman as heritage sites in Oman tend to stock them). However for my own home, a more modern take in bright colours such as those designed by this brand? Definately something awesome to think about, either as DIY or from the upholstery shops in Oman, or purchase form the designers. Super girly, super cute, with a nod to the traditional majlis. I love it.

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