Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY: painted glass spice jars from an Al Shifa honey pot

I love coloured glass. My kitchen is all-white, and boring, boring boring. So a little colour brightens everything up. I collect Moroccan tea glasses and Arabic coffee cups, but was inspired to make a little something of my own by this ridiculously simple DIY post by a hijab-fashion-blogger: She is pregnant and has two kids. So I found I had absolutely no excuse myself to not getting around to scrubbing off the labels of the ugly jars I have been using to hold my nescafe and sugar.
The particular jars I am speaking of are honey pots from Al Shifa. Gorgeous glass with a secure lid, but ugly, dirty peeling labels. Getting the heavy glue of the labels off actually takes alot of effort. But with a little bit of dish soap, warm water, and a copper scrub brush, I managed.
I already have craft glass paint at home. It is super cheap at Lulu or any paper shop. The particular brand I used was Fevicryl glass colours.  It is absolutely horrible compared to what I could buy in North America, but the best I could get thus far in Oman.
 Basically all that is done is to squeeze a little paint unto your pallette, and then with light brush strokes, cover the surface of clean glass. While I was doing this I also let my two-ear old paint an Al Marai cream cheese jar with another bran dof glass paint that totally sucks, that she enjoyed long enough to allow me to paint two jars.
When all required surfaces are painted, simply leave to dry for an hour. Sometimes it takes less time, but the air in muscat has been damp for the last couple of nights.
 And voila! Fill jars with the contents as you wish. I have a lot of spices in ugly jars so I intend to make more coloured jars to store my kitchen goods. However, if you don't alreayd have suitable glass containers or jars, any cheap glassware can be dressed up with a pretty {turquoise is my favourite} tint.


Ange MissHijabi said...

You should do a stained glass window type effect on the next lot! They'd look so pretty on a windowsill with the light coming through and it will probably mesmerise your daughter.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Ange MissHijabi: Stain glass soooo does not workj with these paints!!!! I tried:(. Biggest mess ever. You need better quality.