Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIY: gold alphabet or number fridge magnets

 Now this is by no means an orignally-inspired DIY {do-it-yourself} project. I saw it first on the blog "Pink Wallpaper" by Shannon, and just hadn't gotten arround to doing it. But alas, my daughter is of an age where she's making me things now everyday, and I loathe childish colours. Gold fridge magnets are much more sophisticated. So the project began.
Step one is getting ahold of the requirements, that being, a can of gold spray paint that doesn't totally suck (hard to do in Oman but this 'Scot one was okay-ish), and fridge magnets (via Toys-r-us via my kid). Once you have the materials and literally set the letters on a peice of newspaper to prevent spray-paint reaching other surfaces, and shake the can to start, the project takes less than ten minutes tops). 1.) Lay out numbers on a sheet of newspaper or computer paper.
 2.) Spray-paint. Let dry three minutes. 3.) Spray-paint again. Let dry three minutes. Five if you want to be patient. And, voila! You have a much more glamorous (and still child-interactive) refridgerator than you did before. Unless your fridge is plastic, and then I suggest forgoing magnets altogether.

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