Thursday, February 20, 2014

SHOPPING: an Olivia Palermo look but with abaya

Like Olivia Palermo---but with abaya. I really love Olivia Palermo's classic-but-on-trend style. Of course, generally, you won't see me in public in any of the looks she's sporting because I am a Muslim woman, and I live in Oman, and on top of all that, I wear a black abaya every day. However, there is an online sale right now on this stripes abaya for an equivelent of 12.500 OMR +shipping [which is pretty affordable since we generally spend 18-40 OMR on abayas anyways. Other Olivia essentials are cat eye sunglasses (try Aldo accessories), Bib necklaces (try Zara and H&M) and I went with gold chains, and a designer handbag. For me, that bag for Olivia, will always be a Celine phantom but whatevs, ASOS had a much more affordable alternative for 30.000 OMR. {ASOS also has a replica ring if you want to be exact, to Olivia}. With all those savings, you could probably afford real Chloe ballter flats or Olivia's necklace line;).

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