Saturday, February 8, 2014

OOTD+under my abaya: lady-like vintage-inspired florals

I find it funny what some expats think I wear at home as the wife of an Omani. I love abayas but I don't live in them. Now, if my mother-in-law lived with me, my style would totally be more Arab, but most Omani girls I know who live in Muscat wear pants and blouses. I've always been a dress-girl myself. I wanted that to be very apparent to my family who were visiting, who've always known me to rock vintage dresses. This particular dress is the exact same print (albeit on netting rather than silk chiffon) of a vintage dress I still own but that has literally fallen apart. I have to forgive anything over seventy years old for that. It is a personal hatred of mine that Oman lacks good used or vintage clothing stores. Thus my clothing is less personalized these days. However, my dress is unlikely to be on anyone I know over the age of 14--- I got it at Marks & Spencers from the children's section for 20 OMR and love it. It is sooooo me. Even my sister said that when she first saw it: "Didn't you used to have a dress EXACTLY like that?"
The only way this dress is different from my old one is it doesn't zip. It buttons. Fine if you are the 12 year old it is marketed for since your mother is likely still helping you in the mornings, but I guess, that is the sucky part about shopping in children's sections? I wear it with 3 OMR ballet flats from Rameez, Susen handbag 12 OMR, 2 OMR manicure, floral brooches that came with the dress that I wear in my hair, and jewelry that is my own, via my sister's belated christmas/eid present to me. We have the same snake ring. That's soooo us.
The awesome thing about wearing abaya is that you can wear this kind of thing out and about and not worry about any creepy guys staring, or women evil-eyeing you down in the Carrefoure line ups;).

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