Sunday, February 23, 2014

OOTD+abaya: Rustaq Fort/Castle

On the weekend I went with my Omani sister-in-law and her kids to see the newly re-opened Rustaq Fort. It IS supposed to be open until 4pm. Of course, we arrived at 3:55 pm. Amazingly, it was still open. Wandering around in the dark in an ancient old castle, was, of course, awesome, and while we did a lot of hollaring... and the cameras didn't get a hold of a lot, we didn't lose anyone. I think in a few months, when they set out the carpets, mandoos boxes, pottery, and cushions, the fort will be pretty awesome. Right now, entrance is free. Or maybe that's just for the people who come from 4 until magraib???? Anyways...
Going to places like this, I generally avoid heels. But since, going to places like this, I generally wear an old abaya I don't mind getting a little dusty, I had to wear heels, since I wore a 8 OMR exhibition abaya, with a lace kick front/waterfall cut 2 inches too long for me. This cut is a travesty on stairs, so heels were a must. Trust me, I can better navigate with heels than the waterfall cut to an abaya;).
Since my abaya was so cheap, old, and let's face it, already wrinkly and dusty before we even set out, I had to glam it up a little bit, or I'd be depressed. That's when accesorizing comes in. Pin a couple of flower brooches, add a bright coloured clutch, and some neon nailpolish, and voila! The "roughing" it abaya suddenly looks chic. Okay, not chic. But at least, a little more "me". Or "girly". The belt was from another outfit, I just cut holes in the sides of this crappy old abaya and added the inner-tying belt, and it looked a whole lot better.
Now that the outfit du jour has been satisfactorily described, unto Rustaq fort. Rustaq fort is huge, and I didn't get the chance to see even half of it, due to the fact that it was getting dark, we tripped on some wires, and little children can fall off of roofs and so forth. But we did see some summer majlis rooms, some bedrooms, a cooking room, the bathing spot where my husband told us slaves used to pour the water so the fort's inhabitants could shower, and the pretty spectacular Khaleeji architecture in the canon room. I have to come back sometime, child-less, and before the sun goes down.
I will end this post with my favourite {terrible} photos:


Dalz R said...

Glad you got to trip Qalhat? :)

Anonymous said...

Is it true a certain 3abaya-designing sister, was married to a VIP shaykh for a couple nights then divorced and quickly married off again? How can Muslims support her business if it's true. EW. What is wrong with thes hypocrites?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Dalz R: Maybe, I've never been. I think one of the other OPNo girls has though;)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: I don't know. I don't follow rumours. I'd have to know in person.

I think there are way worse things people can do that what you ask about (probably DAS designers?). That's the rumour I heard.

I mean, slave labour to make designs. Being prejudiced about who works in your stores or who can make what you design.

Countries, do worse, politically. How can Muslims support nations when there is ill in every nation.

I don't listen to rumours, and buy what I think is beautiful. I think the artist, Pablo Picasso, was a horrible human being and that is based on fact not rumour. But I can't deny he did something new in art.

Are you upset that I like DAS abayas or something?

Salma Jarufu said...

i love how you tied your belt, how did you do it?

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