Sunday, February 2, 2014

MY OWN PHOTOS: the horse show, part of Muscat Festival, on now

Muscat Festival is here again, with locations at Al Amerat Park, Naseem Park, and near the Wave beach, in Seeb. I saw the horseshow and Mazoon? fashion show the other day. I wish they would schedule the fashion show and horseshow on different days though if they do the same events again next year;). Feels so stylish to be covered in dust and smelling like horses but other than that, the weather was lovely, and I am a fan of shows of horsemanship, being a rider myself. Here's some very bad photos, courtesy of my phone.


Crazy in Kuwait said...

Men on horses are totally hot! I have to visit Oman again!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Crazy in Kuwait: LOL OMIGOD you're so funny.

Omani guys would love you. Into cars. Knows the news (about the world not just her neighbors). Appreciates a good horse.

Do come.

I have a thing for cable knit sweaters myself... thankfully for Arab fisherman the uniform appears to be fake football team t-shirts and loin cloths but hey;)