Sunday, February 2, 2014

MY OWN PHOTOS: Going to Nizwa and Misfah Al Abriyan Today

This morning my family and I are heading out for Nizwa, and other places in the Interior of Oman. I am excited to be the tour guide for them, since they've never seen this country that I love, outside of life in Qurum in Muscat, or Madinat Sultan Qaboos. I don't think they ever ventured much further than Ruwi to Rameez in Seeb lol. Yeah, my mother was THAT adventurous as an expat here. My father's side more than once left their country to start over in a new land, from leaving Norway to go to France thousands of years ago, or to head from France to Canada in the first European boats over in the 15th century. So I guess I take more after him? Anyways, I am sure we'll have fun, even though for me it isn't exciting since I've been dozens of times before. But then...It is always a pleasure to see the things we love over again through another's eyes.

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Omanly said...

Places can appear very different when you visit them with different people...just like food. It goes hand in hand with their environment.