Sunday, February 16, 2014

Looking for an experienced volunteer to supervise and advise on a Heritage Site Restoration

This post isn't the normal kind of OPNO girl. It is more like an advert. but here goes:

I am looking for someone experienced in restoration with experience in GGC mud and brick architecture (and sarooj if at all possible). The project is the restoration of two mud houses in Ad Dhakliyia region around Nizwa. The possibility of further projects with a more secure (payment rather than volunteer basis) could follow upon project completion. The project will be partially sponsored by Oman's Ministry of Heritage and the rest by the original surviving Omani families who lived in those houses. Work will possibly begin in three month's time, would like to consult before then on site.

Ideally they are looking to find a volunteer (you make your own way to Oman or already in-country or a flight or bus is available from Yemen) and, once employed, we pay your rent and food and transportation (that's the extent of what I think a volunteer is entailed) along with killer (i.e awesome) time off and a chance to see the country ect.... If lodging and food were not required, than a salary of that same cost will be provided. But depending on the building costs we might be able to afford some salary as well, I am not sure of the project's scope yet---sorry.

Experience is required. I mean, maybe you worked in Oman already on restoration projects in Batinah, Rustaq, or Bahla, or worked in Syria or Sanaa, in Yemen. Maybe you built a mud house in Oman, or Yemen or Syria:).

If only Arabic is spoken that is alright as well, but either spoken English or Arabic is a requirement.

If you or anyone you know is qualified and could be interested please send me an email at

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