Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gulf-Style Long Hair

I have never gone to a beauty salon for my hair, exceptions being other people's weddings. I wore a headscarf for my wedding. I am not a hair person. Getting oil treatments, blow-outs, expensive products, making hair masks of mayonaise or coconut or olive oil----that's definately not me. I wish it were, but honestly, I don't even brush my hair every day (you would be hard pressed to if you were me, and you had my length of hair + a job + kids). I used to cut my hair into a pixie cut. My Omani husband hates that style on me, so what is a girl woman to do but either not give damn, when lets face it, he wear musayrs (Oman men's turban) for me since I don't love the much-easier-Omani kuma on him...or grow it out.
I live in a land where the normal length of hair is waist length. If it is shorter, it is stylishly cut into layers or curled, and extremely shiny with an oil/dandruf free gleam that I envy. Who has time to do all that I wonder? And how do they do it?... Since every Omani girl I know has gorgeous (mashaAllah) hair. Think of Dubai fashion blogger, Zubaida Jacob, or Princess Ameera of Saudi Arabia.
Albeit, wearing a headscarf does make it easier to grow your hair out. I've nevr had a problem achieving growth. Even if like 90 percent of my hair falls out I'll still have enough. Protection from harmful UV rays, no need for over-styling... No pressure to dye this shade or that. But to keep it looking lovely?
How do you do it dear Gulf Girls/Banaat Al Khaleej--- who read my blog--- although it is written in English? Besides going to the salon for oil treatments (since let's face it, I'll never get around to doing that). Any suggestions?
I read once that Zubaida said keep in a braid and use a certain oil once in a while. But once in a while is not that clear...
So, I am clueless. I can have a messy bun, a frensh twist, anything in an up-do, but keeping shiny healthy long hair... seems impossible. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Try hot oil treatments at home dear. And lots of hair masks. You can find oil treatments in the supermarket. Vatika is the brand I think. Then just heat it up and put it all over your hair (wrap it up in a hot towel too) and leave it or an hour and wash out. Do it like 2x a week. Also try coconut oil on your hair but avoid roots of your hair with coconut oil. And don't heat up the coconut oil. It will make your hair shiny.

Anonymous said...

We use extensions. Everybody knows this.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: Vatika and coconut oil? I perhaps can try that. Maybe I'll treat myself. stay up till the kids are in bed, have a hot cocoa, and an oil treatment at midnight;)

Thank you.

2nd anon: None of the Omani women I know use fake hair. They think it is haraam i.e. sinful. All of the one's I know, beyond brides maybe, their hair is all natural. Sigh.

Shurooq Al Haremi said...

Well I agree with the extensions part, most of them wear it to get more volume. But I strongly Advice you to buy castor oil, very cheap you can find it at all fair. Massage your hair scalp with it every two days and tie it in a bun or braid it , and wash it out after an hour or two. You'll love the results after doing this process more than once! all the best x

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Shurooq: Your hair always looks gorgeous, mashaAllah. I'll try that.

Anonymous said...

Too much oil will cause build up in your hair, particularly if your hair is fine.
Best to treat your hair gently, like a fine piece of fabric.
Comb it out before washing, gently and using a high quality comb (I use a bone comb, no longer made out of bone but resin). Shampoo the scalp only, condition the ends only. You can comb your hair out while it is wet, but start at the ends and move slowly, and again gently, up the length of your hair.
Again, gently, gently, gently. Treat your hair gently and it will love you.
Avoid heat styling, harsh products, just wash it gently and dry it naturally. Putting it up while wet, or sleeping on it while wet, can cause breakage. Best to let it dry loose.
Some people sleep on silk pillowcases to avoid breakage.
I used to wear my hair in a bun or braid every day but noticed more breakage that way. I believe leaving it loose is gentlest on your hair.
Give yourself scalp massages with your fingers, you can use an oil if you'd like but it's not necessary.
Too many oils cause buildup and, while they may make your hair feel softer, buildup is like choking your hair, it needs to breathe.
I used to use a lot of oils and masks on my hair but noticed very little difference. I feel it's better just to let your hair breathe.
You can't change the quality of hair that has already grown, you can only trim away or cut off the damage and start from the roots.
Diet has an effect on hair as well, eat healthy and your hair will be healthy too,
Again, most importantly, be gentle with your hair. Avoid damaging your hair. Treat it like a beautiful piece of cloth that you cherish.