Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MY OWN PHOTOS: and my Omani husband's opinions about Siffa

One of the OPNO girl's is---we can say, in development--- and she invited us over the weekend to check out Sifaa. She's been too busy to post, driving up and down from Sohar, to Siffa, so beyond my photos I don't have much to say. The people involved in the Siffa project were caught up in a big meeting, so my family took to the beach. My husband, however, had a lot to say. He didn't like the beach itself, but the architecture and "marina kick the Wave's butt". Alas, his feeling was, unless he could yacht over to Siffa, the road was too bad and too far to be worth investing out here. And "the closest gas station is in Wadi Adai." Not great for tourism, as we were not alone on the roads driving 50 to conserve gas. However, depsite his negativity, our two year old had a ball... and I mentally made some notes to myself on how I'd like to design my villa in six years time if my six year's plan holds;). INshaAllah. Anyways, to our other---almost guest contributer now- OPNO girl, great work! Can't wait to see what you've got cooking in Sohar, since my husband apparently prefers the drive to Sohar over the drive to Siffa;P. IF YOU, dear reader, would like to visit Siffa to stay at the hotel, eat at the restaurants, or rent a boat at the marina, you take the road from Al Bustan and keep going past the Oman Dive Center. Signage is really clear on the way there. Just fill up on gas before leaving Muscat;).

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