Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dubai Bride Show 2013

So I pretty much saw every single catwalk show at the 2013 Dubai Brideshow. Did I take any photos? No. Because I pretty much learnt from Muscat Fashion week that I suck at catwalk photos. I have to get a set of lenses for a good camera to improve. I also have notoriously bad luck at breaking phones. I will relate, nonetheless, my impressions.
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I am not exactly the world's biggest fan of Arab white wedding dresses. Crystal-everything and bling are not really to my taste.
For that reason, I will not go into the Arab take on evening gowns or wedding dresses in general. If you don't have anything nice to say then...
However, I will make an exception for the ATAM-Khalid Khalil Bridal Couture dress shown pictured above. It was stunning.
When it came to abayas, Fabulous Couture had just a little too much going on for my taste. Zebra, tassels, ect... But one of their plain black abayas had a neat neck detail at the back, and the cute little  Emirati girls (despite their tragic dresses) were just so adorable. The brand has a facebook page Fabulous Couture | Facebook, you can check their collection out.
Other abaya designers/labels shown were Hania, Dan Couture, Al Motahajaba, M&A Abaya art and Dar Tijan. I really couldn't find any picks of the stuff I liked from their collections (and you are lucky, for neither could I find anything I found to be horrifyingly hideous;) ). Sorry, I know, I didn't take pictures. I suck.
When it came to jalabiyias/caftans I really liked Divya Oswal, Mouna Benaddi and Atelier Houda, out of Shalky by Qassem Al Qassem, and Alwed Fashion (other designers/brands in the same category).
And while this last favourite may be a fish out of water compared to my usual style takes, there was something so khaleeji-kitsch about label, Dar Waad Design, that I found myself, I don't know... liking it. Something about it is perfect for Dubai, the Las Vegas of the MiddleEast. Couldn't you just see me wearing it???? Yeah, I didn't think so but...
My personal favourite Brideshow 2013 moment, being not the most fashion-ey of the OPNO girls? While the little models in training above could be forgiven for their bobble-headed bounce down the runway, miss model pictured below (who was used in almost every show BTW) could not be. She annoyed me at every turn. Her gait was like that of a beach ball and her head... annoyed me. Pretty as a picture, sure but I am sure Tyra Banks would take her out.

So, my favourite moment of the whole set of shows came when, wearing the number she is pictured in below, she took a tumble, and all the other girls on the catwalk had to try to stifle their laughter. The blonde one behind her didn't really succeed in keeping a straight-face.

My favourite moment?: Yeah, I know, I am mean. But asking the unmarried OPNO who doesn't do abayas, or glitter, to cover a fashion event, and that is what you are going to get;p :XD.

But the chocolate covered strawberries were divine. Food was covered by and she took pictures if you don't trust my recommendation.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was interesting! you are lucky you attended it!

I did not like Fabulous Couture abayas, I would not want to buy any of those from FB page.

i wonder how the catwalk models feel when they have to wear stupid, ugly and uncomfortable clothes lol