Monday, December 9, 2013

TWO OMANIS IN: Tara, Co. Meath, Ireland

Tara was the ancicent capital of Pagan Ireland, and the seat of their Kingship. Many old stories exist of the place, so I forgave my husband for booking us in the Boinne valley when he drove us up here...

I had intended to take the train straight from Dublin to Co. Sligo, but in the end it all worked out for the best.

Entrance to Tara is free during daylight hours, and I suggest you leave off high heels unlike myself, as livestock are grazing, and it isn't really a shoe-friendly environment. Unless you want an Amy Adams via "Leapyear" moment.

The site consists of a large mound grave, as well as some examples of early Christian art, and the famous "La Fail" ---the legendary stone that is rumoured to sing if you are the rightful King. Similar to the Scottish stone of Scone, which sists in Westminister Abbey? Forgive me, my Scottish freedom movement knowledge is lacking.
Standing atop the hilltop in Tara, edged as it is in mystical silver hawthrone flower, I understood why it was the place of Kings, because strategically, one can see for miles.

My husband found both the view, and the size of the massive cattle, to be impressive.
 Familiar as Omanis are with stories of magical trees, in Tara you will find a tree that people still make sacrifices and wishes to, although you are more likely to find a rusted USB tied on a branch, than you are gold buried at its base, or a bog maiden.
Alas, for me, the singing stone did not sing. Although we did encounter a group of Wiccans who seemed quite horrified that we'd had the nerve to touch it.


ynotoman said...

Beautiful tree - it does look magical as it should be in Eire

N said...

how beautiful!