Saturday, December 14, 2013

TWO OMANIS IN: Goodbye Temple House & Sunny Day, in County Sligo, Ireland

We woke up to a surprising surge of sunlight. I am a sunshine girl. This revived me. I practically bounced all the way down to breakfast.
Breakfast in Temple House is served in the dining room (former library) and with all the other guests. While we were there there were two lovely ladies from Dublin (who actually talked more than me!), a couple from Texas, and a couple from Germany. I like that. If I wanted breakfast alone, I'd steal a croissant and sneak back up to my room you know?
The kitchen actually used to be the dining room. Which I found to be interesting, the  things that make a house a home...

After we checked out we had one last goodbye picnic under our favourite tree...
...And bid adieu to Temple House in all that glorious sunshine.

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