Sunday, December 15, 2013

TWO OMANIS IN: Driving to Co. Clare, Dunguire Castle, along the way, Co. Galway

The next morning we left county Sligo, headed for county Clare. It was a long drive, filled with freak rain, and even hail, and we honestly stopped more often along the way, than advised by the GPS, so how long it took us, wouldn't help another traveller.

One of our stops was at Dunguire castle. Mainly because there were a group of swans there, and because in the village nearby, was a vintage store, and an art gallery/studio we stopped off at. I have souvenier acrylic on my abaya to prove it.
We didn't go inside the castle, but we did buy a souvenir from the gift shop, and spied a few thatched cottages along the way.

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