Saturday, December 21, 2013

KHALEEJI ABAYAS: Sary Boutique Collection, Fall 2013

Sary Boutique Collection is an abaya label based in Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. Designed by sisters Fatema and Buthaina Al Nuaimi I love half the collection, and loath the other. I like the more crazy designs. Give my over-the-top ruffles and I will wear it with ballet flats and a t-shirt underneath soooooo doesn't matter. Above: love. Below: Could wear it, it isn't too crazy but is still tasteful.
Below: I'd go there, definately. But with a wayyyyyyyyy way way different ensamble underneath. Leggings? Platform heels? No way.
 Below: Maybe for a wedding?
 Below: Definate no. Kind of old-fashioned. Like five years behind the abaya game. But then, a lot of girls I know like that kind of thing. I will save your eyes from any of the more disasterous designs that I could only tag as hideous. But since I am showing enough love for the above, design duo, if you read this, forgive me. I'd have to visit your boutique to be a better judge but I can't find its address online. Help me out?

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Sary SaryBtq said...

hello ,

thanks for the comments on our collection!

you can find us in ras alkhaimah in the united arab emirates ..

call or send emails for more information : 00971555997716