Friday, December 20, 2013

FRIDAY FINDS: a little bit of Zanzibar, and the latest in abaya trends from DAS

My fridays are usually pretty quiet. Walking on the beach, painting, reading Qu'ran, eating a lunch that I actually like {to cook, because usually I don't have time}. Today, while looking for a nice pink sunset to paint on google images I found some home inspiration, via Zanzibar.
 "Kanga" cloth throw pillows. Perfect to dress up any couch or majlis, and give it a little bit of Zanzibari enegry. These are from Serena and but with kangas widely available in Omani fabric stores, it would be an easy DIY project.
 "Zanzibar" set of dishes available via Macy's They've got one in Dubai;).

And the latest DAS collection of abayaat are out:

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