Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SHOPPING IN OMAN: Pretty pink glassware

I love colourful glassware. I collect Moroccan tea glasses, but am always short when it comes to water glasses for guests. I found these beauties above in a set of six (although four remain, because I believe two year olds deserve to learn how to hold and handle glass from a young age) from Al Ain Gifts in Seeb Souq for less than 2 OMR!!!! I want to go back for the other colours.


Kristina Anna said...

wow, those are amazing!!

Can you describe a bit closer, where you found them or what I have a taxi-driver to ask for take me there?

I'm a flight attendant and have a layover in Muscat - i really feel like bying those ore similiar ones. soooo pretty!

Thank you for shareing!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Kristina Anna: Wow you lucky girl! I always wanted to be flying as a living {but as a pilot;)].

Um, inside Seeb souq (all the taxis know Seeb Mall there, there is a store called Dima. A little ways beside but behind Dima is an apartment building that houses the office for a magazine and radio station. Al Ain Gifts {I was told my my husband they just changed their name to Emirates Gifts or something like that) is beside it. Not very hard to find, but the entrance is opposite behind the main souq road where Dima and Seeb mall are.

Horrible directions, I know. The taxi probably won't take you exactly to the door, but if you ask for Dima in Seeb Souq near Seeb mall you are almost there is you then wander off on foot.

I love this cheap little store. It is one of my budget shopping secrets. It has a lot of CHinese and Indian crap but sometimes you find a few goodies.

Ange MissHijabi said...

love the glasses