Monday, November 4, 2013

Beautiful wallpapers inspired by historical Islamic art periods

I really love the wallpaper collection by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Schumacher's. Above pictured: Sinhala Sidewall in Jewel from the Summer 2013 collection. Very MiddleEastern fairytale garden fantasy.
 I am a fan of Iznik pottery so the above blues make me want a bathroom in these tones.
 But of course, nothing is nearly so dramatic as a Mughall panel behind a desk ina home office....
Or maybe a Victorian-era take on Iran? from


Albie said...


Paintbrushes and Pedicures said...

They are beautiful, I love this style of Islamic art. I think you've added to my art lessons!! In my year 5 Art we are going to be looking at William Morris in a few weeks, who had a similar style...floral, repeating pattern etc. I'd like to link it to the Islamic style too seeing as the kids are in an Islamic country!
Hope you're all ok.
(Ex Mitchells in Oman ;-) Now Paintbrushes and Pedicures!)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Albie: me too!

Paintbrushes and Pedicures: now that's where you went ! I love Morris. I am a pre-raphaelite fan. My father used to have a bunch of old wallpaper framed and hung as a kid. Where I grew up the decor was very Victorian so the influence of Morris is something one can never escape.