Monday, November 18, 2013

43rd National Day for Oman

Happy 43rd National Day Oman. Fireworks start at 8:00 Pm in Seeb, Al Amerat And Salalah. And apparently in Buraimi they have a parade? Interesting. Anyways, all I know is they ask our kids to wear traditional dress to school today for a party, and everyone has paper red white and green decorations. The kids complained we didn't decorate our car (because a. I think that 's lame, and b. looks stupid if your car ISN'T white) or anything else for that matter. SO here is some eye-candy to make up for "apparent---as berated by a four year old" lack of patriotism.

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Pari Banou said...

Hello dear, I just saw your blog when looking for blogs of expatriates in Oman.
I just begin a research about omani women habits and way of loving, for my Phd.
If you are interested, i'll be happy to share my experiences with you and maybe you could help me about discovering the country !

See you soon !