Sunday, October 27, 2013

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fauchon in Muscat at the Opera Galleria

If this blog handed out assignments to the OPNO girls, a review of the recently opened Fauchon at the Opera Galleria would be one I'd fight for. Of course, we don't do anything so pathetic as hand out assignments here. I mean, if I wanted to write for a living, I'd become a journalist, use spellcheck, never use smiley icons, worry about always having something worth saying, and our blog would beloved by Muscat Jet driver again;). JJKN. It is a blog after all, run by girls/women who only write when they want to rant, store images, or run their mouths. But even so, if we did hand out assignments, I think it would make sense that I would be the OPNO to review Fauchon.
Fauchon has macaroons. I've blogged about being homesick for macaroons and pastries before, long before macaroons became fashionable in Dubai, let alone Muscat. I've even brave a try at macaroons made by Carrefour. Word of the wise, don't. Anyways, when it comes to patisseries, I am very picky. I've actually had Fauchon's cakes before, so it would make sense that I would be able to say if they hold up here in Oman, where often, let's face it, some brands don't.
Fauchon in Muscat, is very glossy. The ceilings are enameled black, the patisserie pink of the table tops reflective, mirrors retract and reflect the space, and the chairs are almost traditional Parisian café chairs, only they're not and that's the point. Girlie mod I'd call it. I thought I'd go very Parisian myself, and I did the whole black-and-white thing, with my polka-dot abaya and a baby pink manicure. I carried no purse, very French-editor, but the look failed in that regard, as I was in flats, and not towering in ankle boots. Something about dessert makes me lazy.
 One can definitely anticipate dessert when they walk into Fauchon. That is the whole point afterall. That is the only section of the menu that I even bothered with. When one walks in they are greeted by a barrage of éclairs, cakes, scrumptious eye-candy as only the Parisians can do when looking at it may arguably be better than eating it, and of course, macaroons.
It wouldn't be fair to rate Fauchon on macaroons alone, but it wouldn't be a review worth anything if macaroons were left out, so I knew from the moment I walked in a macaroon would accompany my espresso. What remained to be seen was what flavor. I was torn between vanilla, lemon, and raspberry.
MOP (My Omani Prince, aka my husband) ordered a MEGEVE which was meringue and chocolate mousse. Admittedly, very Omani male of him, he ordered it because it looked the biggest. It wasn't really the best choice for him as he isn't into creamy desserts so next time I should probably order. He liked his latte though.
I don't know what mine was called, but I did enjoy it. The strawberry and cake itself were fresh and moist, and pretty as a picture. It was 3.000 OMR though, and I make really good cake myself at home, albeit not nearly as pretty. The vanilla macaroon though, I will go back for. At 1 OMR a piece, I consider it worth it, and will probably buy three or four to go with a coffee. My espresso wasn't pretty to look at it, but that's how I like my coffee so….
Fauchon we will be back. Next time I will try your milkshakes, and eat macaroons in place of cake. I am still disappointed Oman, that you lack petit fours, which are my favorite, but macaroons may just tide me over until the next worthy assignment/whatever we want to do/blog about.

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Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Omanly: we spent 13 rials on coffee and dessert. But it was worth it.

Macaroons 1 OMR
Cakes 2-3 OMR
Coffee 1.5-2.5 OMR