Thursday, September 26, 2013

MOSQUES OF OMAN: Asma Bint Alawi in Al Qurum, Muscat

One of the very first [nice--not border station] Mosques I ever prayed in, in Oman, was the Masjid Asma Bint Alawi, along Al Sarooj street in Al Qurum district of Muscat, you know right near Bareeq Al Shatti and all that? It is built in a lovely Moroccan-style, composed with a clock tower and a central courtyard fountain from which the garden emanates, and the women's section is actually built for women (yay!). Somehow I have only ever prayed here at night, when the narcissus is blooming.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's a beautiful photos of a beautiful Mosque!
May I ask you - do you know the visiting hours of the Asmaa Bint Alawi Mosque? Is it possible to visit the territory of the Mosque by night?

I will be in Muscat in March, but unfortunately only 1 night and a couple of hours in the morning..

Would be very thankful for your help!
Thanks and all best,