Sunday, August 18, 2013

EID GIFT GUIDE: your little Omani princess

1.) Omani traditional girl's dress tailored from Mutrah souq, around12-16.000 OMR depending on if you bring your own fabric or not.
2.) Small traditional silver necklace, 28.000 OMR Mutrah Souq
3.) Small traditional child-size silver Omani bracelet, 20.000 OMR, Mutrah Souq
4.) Small stuffed toy camel, 1.000 OMR, Al Sharikh, Barka Oman
5.) Child-size Omani silver ankle bracelet, 15.000 OMR each, Mutrah Souq
6.) Palm-frond basket 5.000 OMR from Seeb Souq to store all the Eid goodies
7.) Chocolate dirhams in tin 1.000 OMR from Carfour
8.) Fulla Traditions doll from Toys-R-Us, City Center
9.) Giant Chuppa Chup sucker from London Sweets, 9.000 OMR
10.) 10 balloons printed with Eid messages for 1.500 OMR from
11.)  Toy cellphone, .300 baiza from Omani Eid grounds, sold by other children
12.) Jelly Belly halal jelly beans for 2.000 OMR from Carfour
13.) Pistachio candy from Al Fair, 1.000 OMR per package.

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