Wednesday, August 14, 2013

EID GIFT GUIDE: guest in a green mountain village

Tradition reigns supreme here. Women will wear their gold and have their henna done, and it is polite to immitate that. Visiting friends and relatives is the mainstay of the Eid, so wearing shoes that are easy to take on and off, but can also handle steep and less than even terrain, is a must, as is perfume.

1.) Red enamel bamboo bracelet, available from J. Crew, 50.000 OMR each,
2.) Set of two costume bangles for 5.000 OMR from
3.) 'Aloha' nail laquer from Dior, available from Areej in Muscat City Center
4.) Henna tube, 0.450 OMR each from Lulu
5.) Smoked Oud oil from Abdul Samad Qureshi
6.) Palm-leaf i-phone cover for 7.700 OMR + shipping from
7.) Gold leather sandals, 43.000 OMR from JACK ROGERS - Hamptons Classic Navajo Sandal
8.) Bukhoor from Al Habiba Perfumes, Ruwi, 6.000 OMR-25.000 OMR
9.) Camel-milk chocolate from Al Nassma, available from

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