Friday, June 28, 2013

Car Accidents are like Rain

As they (a couple of OPNO girls) sat waiting for their injuries to be looked over at the ER [Emergency Department] the other day, it was said, "Don't worry, car accidents are like rain. They happen to people like rain in this country---one or two to three times a year." A non-OPNO girl accompanying them through triage agreed. "I have had three accidents this year."

After being thankful for having had a car seat (there was a baby-on-board), since everything in the car had ended up on the other side of it or on the highway, the girls and the baby were pretty much abandoned to wait in the hospital department, until one of them actually went into the CT room to find no one there at all, despite being told it was busy with people already waiting.

Of course, the girls began to walk out after waiting for hours and only then did a nurse and doctor go to check on the person in the radiology department. Fifteen minutes later they were finished, despite being shocked that the MDs actually ignored their ACTUAL injuries. No one checked for internal damage from where they'd hit their bodies in the car, or complaints of whiplash. The hospital just kept asking about head injuries and vomiting which both girls were absolutely certain they weren't suffering from.

The infant child was never checked at all.

So alhamdulillah everyone is all good despite. The cars involved were not so lucky.

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Maymunah said...

Alhumdulillah you're all safe and uninjured and hopefully won't have any lasting problems.

I understand why people compare car accidents to rain, they happen frequently and may be out of one's control and result in property damage and sometimes death, but I think they would happen less frequently if more people acknowledged that they're *not* entirely like rain.

Rain is a natural and necessary occurrence which nobody can control. Car accidents, though are not necessary, and many of them can be prevented if drivers excercise due caution and take safety measures. People don't have to die.

I don't know how we can convince people to care about traffic laws and seatbelts, though XD.