Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the Omani blogosphere gets a smackdown review from Muscat Jet Driver

MJD is back http://www.muscatjetdriver.blogspot.com/2013/05/cant-keep-quiet-anymore.html and even though the OPNO blog gets a scathing review I still am pleased because we need JD.

K, so mainly this blog has always been written to the whims of the OPNO girls. Some moved here on a whim. It has always been about what we enjoy, Omani culture, clothes, food, traditional dress, architecture and scenery, and some personal experiences. So JD's words of :  ""How To Live Like An Omani Princess" - you have ceased to blog. You now run the equivalent of an online photo album of people in houses and abayas! Get a grip. Blog." are not at all off base. But I do think our blog is always a bit random. We have spats of a lot to say, and some of it matters. And spats of, life is so stressful let's just indulge in some eye-candy. I checked our archives, it's always been like that.

Maybe we need to recruit some new OPNO girls? Our lives have calmed down from early days. Life as an Omani girl is pretty simple. New expat's blog like http://theduncanadventures.blogspot.com/ can be more interesting as everything is new about Oman and something worth saying. 

And often sadly, the news that we do hear of these days worth writing can land one in jail for "slander" for naming the names of a thief with wasta ect... so. Why not abays and pretty houses;).

I, of course wish http://otheroman.blogspot.com/ Other Oman was still around in Muscat. I loved her writing and understanding of both Omani and expat perspective--- with a comedic twist. I'd love to be able to write like that. Reality is, I am just not that funny whenever I try to be. I can explain an absolutely funny and ironic situation in absolutely the dullest way possible.

Anyways, I always value JD's keen eye, and hope he writes more. We bloggers all deserve (except Gucci maybe) what he's said about us. Mr. Steve and Suburban , the Dragon, and Sythe are the old guard of Oman's expat bloggers and their writing and skill at breaking stories at the level of, say four years ago, is missing from the current blogosphere. Not my fault though, as I never considered our blog to be to that level, lol. Because we use LOL. No good or professional blogger should do that.



Anonymous said...

I can't seem to access MJD's blog.

Crazy in Kuwait said...

Anyone who has a private blog that needs permission to read has no right to cut down other blogs. I like your blog so he can take a long walk off of a short bridge. Keep up the good colorful work!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Annoymous: I think he just closed it again which is weird but...

Crazy in Kuwait: Oh I love JD, so I am not at all offended. But I know the majority of our readers love eye-candy. I think he closed his blog again.

I sometimes appreciate vapidity.

The Duncan Adventures said...

Thank you for the shout out of my blog :)

I can't access this persons site which is a shame. But personally I really enjoy reading what you OPNO girls have to say, it's like access to a world that white expats like me aren't often privileged enough to see.

And for the use of LOL, it is just such a normal word these days and will probably never go away just like using the word "cool" to describe something, who thought that up? It's so not cool...

Keep up the blogging :-)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

LOL XD:) That's so funny JD posted about us describing our blog as a houses and abayas???? LOL. Ok, I mean, what ELSE is a normal Omani girl's life right? Being at the house, eating some food, shopping, being with her family, wearing abayas.... Funny. I didn't get to read it can you post it?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I hate it when people dare to criticize someone's blog. There are no set rules about what blogs are supposed to be, it's up to the owner what to make of it. It can be just a fashion blog, a cook blog, a personal diary, just a collection of pic someone likes, a combination of the above, etc. An author has the right to do whatever he wishes - to post often or seldom, to close it or change the character of the blog.
I really don't like when people start suggesting something to the author or nag that the blog is not interesting enough, or criticize in any other way. It's not like readers are PAYING to read the blog. It's not like most bloggers get paid for investing their time and effort into their blogs, whatever they are. Readers should just enjoy and be happy with what they get or if they don't like it they can simply stop reading it or go and make their own " better blog"
I think people should be grateful and not demanding.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

LOL @ our split personalities:
"A blatant stream of advertising from a blogger who used to be 80% entertaining and 20% corny. Now almost a 100% "The Week" magazine clone. Sorry, Sythe but you used to be awesome. Absolutely awesome! Go back to the beginning of your blogs and look at the tremendous stuff that you used to churn out and then move forward, find out where you went wrong and get back to actual blogging again....please....for the sake of Oman." "Andy, I shudder to have to admit this....has at least remained consistent. A few religious slideshows here and there and some good restaurant reviews. He does what it says on his tin, I suppose." "Dhofari Gucci" as I have said before, either be an activist, or join with Omani Princess and make a mega photo album. Thank God the other one is gone. "How To Love Davey" was that her name? But I suspect she's around in another incarnation as she strikes me as the type to find it impossible not to pour her odious drivel into the mix - a horrific example of the present state of Omani youth. "Idolize me and give me sympathetic comments, or I am leaving!" That's the critque's beyond ours.

MrsღA. said...

^^ omg haha he would prolly say my Blog is run by an under-cover ex-drug addict with voices in her head :-b

Btw I like the pix on here!!

MJ said...

I agree with Anonymous.
Ladies, you have an awesome, eclectic blog. It is never boring, and the pictures are wonderful. Please do not change a thing! You have an incredible view into this fascinating culture. Kudos

Crazy in Kuwait said...

I think he closed his blog because he ticked off a whole bunch of females and they are coming after him...LOL