Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some videos of Omani Eid traditions: Al Azwah, and Shuwa

On Eid... some people watch Eid on TV. Which may or may not appeal to you (doesn't to me). Many older Omanis actually sit down to watch Sultan Qaboos pray the Eid salat on the National Channel. I usually don't but if it happens to be on while I am taking qahwa, why not? Actually, it seems to be an Omani thing but people always leave the TV or radio on in the majlis/guest sitting room when they have visitors, so if you visit a local family on the Eids you won't likely escape it but WILL be able to ignore it. Both annual OmanTV programs I find as stimulating as "the royal wedding" was so....
What I really enjoy are the traditional dances. I like them a lot. Most villages call them "Al azwah" . As in, "I am going to the Azwah".
...Which should never be confused with going to an "azza" or you'll be quite disappointed... But if you have ever made this drear mistake you will finally understand why, when you're friend announces "I am going to the village for an azza" and you excitedly implore if you will be able to tag along and maybe take some photos, your Omani friend looked at you like you were such a freak... Because an Al Azhwah is celebratory dances and traditional music, and Al Azza is a funeral.
Al Azwah in Tiwi
Al Azwah in Fanja
Al Azwah in Jebel Akdhar
 Making shuwa meat:

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