Monday, May 20, 2013

Sinaw versus the Ministry of Housing?

Apparently locals in Sinaw had a big row with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) the other day when protesting due to corruption in the Ministry of Housing. Apprarently a big big big big big chunk of land was granted to single individual to start a chicken farm on it? But of course, this chunk of land, being much bigger than is fair for any other normal wasta-less individual, drew questions, and accusations of obvious corruption. Being we already know this Ministry is corrupt. This happens ALLLLLLL the time. I guess protesting it is not allowed, so police row ensuent makes sense. But of course, the dude who twittered about the incident (I assume he named names) was told to come into the police station, he refused after consulting with a lawyer, and then he was taken in at night forcibly. BTW, ROP, I am not anti-government, just anti-courrption, and I mean, I am not saying anything that isn't already ALL over whatsapp and twitter. I swear to you I am not rumour mongering like that plane crash in Shatti ya'll showed up to check out (which was a purely Whaatsapp-based rumour that I found amusingly delightlful: seeing all the disaster-freaks out there that like car-crash carnage gawking like idiots).

So moral of the story is, don't name names at the Ministry of Housing, my fellow bloggers, even if the proof is as obvious as, well, something big big big big big big big. 

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