Monday, May 13, 2013

OMANI TRADITIONAL DRESS: Muscat Burqa, circa the late 1800s to early 1900s

 This is probably a form of dress you won't see in Muscat anymore. I think it has died. Muscat traditional dress used include a burqa face mask. It wasn't a "Bedouin-only thing" as many Omanis attribute the burqa to be. Historically, it was part of the upper-class Omani woman's dress from Muscat [not the interior]. It was often a shiny red in colour.
 Other examples include a wider, more decorated fabric burqa:
 One familiar with Arab traditional dress will not the resemblance with a certain form of regional dress from Iran, as as the Persians were long in Muscat, I think this is where this form of dress originated from, and perhaps why it has gone its way.  Although in certain regions of Dhofar red burqa do remain.... I've just never seen one beyond museum peices donated by people's grandmothers.


Maymunah said...

Oh, the Persian connection, of course, I was wondering about that. Great post :D

Warda said...

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