Sunday, May 5, 2013

MY OWN PHOTOS: the long weekend

On the long weekend, it was pretty much all about family for this OPNO girl. Hanging out in the courtyard, sipping chai, watching the kids play...
Then venturing out to Old Al Khoud where the wadi was nice and calm and perfect for the kids to swim in [though for a Muslim chick like me, no shade to sit in and too many Omani guys to swim]. Next day was also a wadi day, but we drove through Barka to Rustaq, for a little visiting, and little wadi. Roads in some areas were pretty bad. Flooded, or totally caved in and washed out.
Some of the scenery and Omani-style houses along the way:
Visiting and adorable Omani kids trying to act like the grown ups:
Our hosts' garden:
Old school Omani family style transportation lol:
This wadi was more deserted, and more Muslim-girl-swimming friendly. It was a lovely perfect day. The only tragedy was that poor little catterpillar was squished by the babies.
We also went out for appetizers at the Turkish Palace Restaurant near Al Bahja mall. I love the starter plate of dips that's called the "kabila" and bread. Really, that's all I like to eat, plus fresh sweet melon juice or a fruit cocktail. Very good. The mixed grill, as badly as it photographs--- with heaps of cheap french fries piled on top--- is actually really quite good. I prefer over Automatic's mixed grill. The smoky taste to the meat and chicken is spot on. And the whole place is very family friendly and cheap for feeding a large group of people.
And other random photos of mosques from the weekend:

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