Sunday, May 12, 2013

Creepy Guys in Cars part deux

Guys in Arab countries are creepy, or can be (sorry to all the good practicing Muslim brothers out there or simply decent dudes). Reading this post I had to laugh a little, remembering my own memories of creepy guys in cars. In Dubai us OPNO girls would throw flip-flops at creepy white sedans driving along at snail pace, windows buzzed down, weirdo in the shadows. In Abu Dhabi a dude was stalking me and got close enough to touch me with his car, so I got arrested for throwing an empty pepsi can in his rolled down window to get him to back-off.


I mean, alhamdulilah, the worst thing a creepy dude has ever done to me:
a. is say some lame come-on/pick-up line in Arabic/
b. honk their car horn and make me jump out of my skin while trying to be so playboy/
c. drive up alongside me and nearly run over my feet/
d. throw a phone number/ candy out the window into my car/
e. constantly double-back and drive by again and again, forcing me to, in my heels, go off the pavement/ and trek across dust that ruins my shoes/
f. undress me with their eyes (and I wear abaya, that all-black-robe) while saying they want to be just friends/be like a brother to me (a brother whose into incest)/

All this happens to me less now, because I walk alone less. I have a husband. He likes to go with me everywhere. He drives me places, picks me up, tries to walk with me everywhere. That totally deters creeps.

Since I don't think that women should have to have a chaperone for walking (unless we want to live in a world where creeps rule our actions), what can you do to avoid a creep in a car?

Probably nothing, because it isn't your fault. They're just creeps. Mostly harmless losers but still, be on your guard.

No matter how you dress guys in Arab countries some guys will turn out to be creeps in cars. They have the maturity of nine year olds, and aren't supposed to date, probably watch too much porn, maybe have paid for a prostitute, and have no idea how to relate to women outside a familial situation at all. Thus you get--- creeps in cars.

Honestly, beyond prostitutes, I don't know what kind of girl gets into a car driven by a creep, no matter how bad she might want sex or romance/adventure. There must be some out there though, or why would the creeps think driving about in a  slow, stalkerish manner might charm a girl?

I dunno.

I have worn everything in the world, and nothing stops creeps, though abaya ras (the head abaya) or Egyptian Khimars work best. Probably because creeps think then that you're like, 90 years old. Maybe wearing one of those rubber masks and a fat suit would work just as well, I dunno?

Anyways, I did see a creep once witha pretty posh ride. I dunno, I guess he was somewhat less a creep because girls looking for a guy to provide for them a little might actually get into his car. Still a creep to me nonetheless though, because any Muslim dude looking to pick up girls in his car, is, by a definition, to a girl who wears an abaya for modesty, a creep.

He was at Bareeq Al Shatti, lamely cruising the parking lot, doing painfully slow circles in his ferrari. Honestly, if a car could impress me, a ferrari wouldn't.

So creative.


Anyways, I am just waiting for my husband, shopping bags piled.

He kept circling and smiling out his window.

'Loser' I was thinking, grating my teeth so that they made that awful grinding sound.

The only reason I mention this actually less-creepy-than-usual-creep-in-car because the look on his face was priceless when he saw me get into my husband's car (which is, er, well, definately not a Ferrari with its door that doesn't open and tied-on-bumper). It was like, his definition of women was in turmoil, and his self-worth dropping.

My husband of course, was like "stop staring, that's why you get stalked!"

But lol, since I did my best to ignore all eye-contact or recongition of total Omani-creep-in-car lameness up until that point, I couldn't resist. And for once, it was the same kind of creepiness I knew back in Europe from European tossers who think they're all that as well sooo....

Dear Creepy guys in cars:

Women do not like to be followed, nearly run over, honked at, told how beautiful they are in bad English or creepy Arabic taking the name of Allah in vain when they are walking their dog, need a phone number aimed at their heads, or care what car you drive if they know that you are the kind of man who drives around looking to pick up girls when this is apparently espoused by your family values as "not allowed".


Get some class.

The end.


The Duncan Adventures said...

Ahh this made m laugh, it's so true and so honest. I don't know what these guys are thinking when they follow a girl in a car, that's not going to make a girl suddenly want to jump in their car!

The good thing is most of these Arab creeps are pretty harmless and just misguided men, the European creeps aren't so obvious and probably have a lot more sinister motives when following a girl..

I don't think we will ever understand these men :)

Maymunah said...

Or when they drive (or walk by) going "bisseh bisseh bisseh" (kitty kitty kitty) and making pss-pss noises like they're trying to make friends with a cat. I haven't seen Khaleeji guys do that, but the lamer Jordanian ones do.

Like, okay guys, we get that you're after pussy, but I think you're confused.

I have never seen a woman give them the time of day, even the prostitutes can tell they're too broke.

❤ αmαℓ said...

"My husband of course, was like 'stop staring, that's why you get stalked!'"

My husband says the same thing lol. Yesterday at a restaurant this creepy guy sitting behind my husband was like glaring at me! I wanted to throw water in his face or something haha. But anyway, It's so disrespectful, and honestly just gross. What kind of woman responds positively to being followed in a car LOL

Albie said...

Bahahaha, I lol'ed at f...

Try acting like you're picking your nose...that could work.

Those car creeps are everywhere. *Cue flashbacks of being chased around malls in the U.S.*

The only thing more infuriating than male creeps may be the lady creeps who scam all up on your man right in front of you...

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Albie: I've never had that happen with Omani women and my husband but Canadian women and Saudi women were bad for it on occasion lol.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Maymunah: Anyone who wants to read about the dangers of being a woman walking in Jordan should so read your blog.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Amal: It totally isn't right?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

The Duncan Adventures: Yeah I know right? THEY SHOULD TOTALLY teach the Omani creeps in cars that especially stalking Western women in cars, due to the fact that stalkers in our countries usually rape/murder us lol, that it won't appeal. Instant FAIL.

Boxie said...

Constipation look normally works for scarring men away, or being over 25 lol. Sorry bad joke, you remember.

ali_t said...

Having only had my own car for a couple of weeks now & still getting used to the stares when I drive through town (I'm living in Musandam), I had my first encounter with an Omani guy following me in his car (I'd already spotted him staring at me in the local Sharjah coop). The laughable thing was after he'd waited for me on a roundabout, then followed me & overtook me on a speed bump (very slowly!!), I happened to pull over to the other side of the road as I'd spied a DIY store that I needed to buy something from.

Having realised that it was closed, I turned to head back to my car only to have the same guy pull up out of nowhere (seeing as he'd already overtaken me), jump out of his car to see if the store was open & then realise that he'd not put his handbrake on... my how i laughed at the sight of his cheesy mustang rolling back into the road!

I have to agree with everything that The Duncan Adventures says though- do these guys really think we'd drop everything & jump into their car?