Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a rant post to do with culture in the smallest way possible, but mainly just about people who suck

Today is a rant post. I am going to rant about women married to local GCC guys who converted to be Muslims just to get married or be accepted by their families, and become, like, the most culturally horrific version of their Western and Khaleeji (Gulf region) selves. I am also going to rant about some stupid guy I know running around slandering and trying to destroy someone from his own family when I know for a fact he's a worse human being. It just annoys me that everyone thinks, he's like, this scholarly Muslim with a beard and all, and he acts like he can issue fatwas (religious rulings for Muslims a bit like law) when what I know about him would drive him underground. ....But I can't say anything because the person he aims to injure wants to BE a better person than him.


Let's begin.

You know who I hate?: women who sit around talking about others and materialistic things ALL THE TIME and then one of their friends gets something better than them, like mashaAllah her husband has a good job and they can afford nice stuff for their kids, and suddenly they accuse her of only caring about money and being a spoiled little diva.

Behind her sweet naive back too of course.

Like what are they but worse and less successful because they are lazier and stupider and less kind to others? WTH is wrong with these people?

Now serriously. "Like haraaam she buys this or that," as if they were Muslims who care about prayer more than ruining their hair and make-up to wash for prayer, when like , you try to advise them about, say, why Muslims aren't allowed to put up Christmas trees because it is a form of pagan idolotry and they freak on you for being an "extremist".


They are just jealous she's got more than they do, since they ARE such insignificant and unhappy materialistics beings, that I could just scream at my somewhat-stupid because-she-is-too-nice friend: "THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!! THEY DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU! I Am PRETTY SURE THESE PEOPLE AREN'T EVEN PEOPLE, they WAY THAT THEY TREAT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS! WAKE UP!"


My rant about fake Muslim-convert hypocrite women married to GCC locals is over now.

Breathe, get on with my day, and say alhamdulilah because I never considered them friends and I don't live anywhere around them and the people I actually like who consider these people their actual friends... Breathe. ....So I don't have to resist the urge to punch them over coffee when forced to be together over lunch with the friend they supposedly like who they complain about when she ISN'T present... when they are complaining about their housemaids like they are animals.

Really, my self-restraint ain't good. I almost smacked someone in the face and would have for certain sworn at her, if another friend hadn't stuffed a muffin in my mouth just in time ...and if I hadn't been holding her baby in my lap.

I am scared for the people their children will grow into.

I mean some women become Muslims just to marry their husbands but end up better Muslims than their husband, but trust me, these women ain't it.

Unto rant number two:
Dear dude who once decided to go to Egypt to have sex with prostitutes, saying that a guy from your family had an affair with a North-African woman.... My question is this: if you really thought that, even though it isn't true, don't you care about your own past as well, especially since the man you are talking about knows exactly who you are and what you did to your poor unknowing wife and daughters, you being ok with sinning in Egypt and all, so long as know one in the village knows about it?

Of course, since you know the character of this man you're slandering quite well, since you call him down... When you know that he knows what you did...and know also he won't reveal YOUR SINS to others for fear of God taking your sins as his own by the actions of his tongue....

...You probably also know just as well he never actually did have an affair with that woman whose existance you can prove. You are just making up a story because you are mad this man married again and has another wife, and both his wives are friends and actually get along. Why this bother's you so much I don't know.

But what I DO KNOW is the story of what really happened with that North African woman. She was being sold into sexual slavery by a corrupt government official and then the man you talk so low of, didn't see her as a stranger, but as he would see his own daughter, and decided to help her get out of that horrible situation. True, he gave the girl's mother and family money. But he didn't touch that girl, he didn't have an affair with her, and Allah will, I think reward him for that as Muslims are told to help any being oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, male or female.

So what you say of him, is lies, slander... You try to make his wives sad by saying look how good you are to your one-and-only-wife... but what about Egypt?

I am so mad at that everyone believes you because of your beard, that you've never gotten yourself into a bad situation trying to help others'...

I wish that the one you defame would call you out with his proof and knowledge and then everyone would know you for the liar/hypocrite you are.

I wish at least, that he would let me tell his wives, who you tries to hurt in their eyes all the time.

But what did he say to me?

He told me that Muslims should cover eachother's sins unless it goes against revealing a dishonest business dealing or a prospective marriage alliance. His case was neither of these things.

To cover your sins, maybe God/Allah would maybe forgive him his own. We should want for others what we want for ourselves of course.

That is the man that you speak ill of. Your own flesh and blood. Your own kin. And he loves you more than he acts in love for himself.

You are a despicable human being. Maybe Iam not so good, but I wish something bad would happen to you and the truth would come out.

Either that or you change, but I doubt that.

The truth is eager for the light, is all I can end with. I am not a purely good person either, I've lived in the shadows before.. but at least, I didn't try to cast my dirty, despicable darkness over others' is all I can say.


MrsღA. said...

Whooaaaaa geez what a Post huh? Im sorry u had to go thru this Allah yster... Btw are these types of women anyone I know? Authoo billah min al-hasoodiyat wa ayn ameen.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Mrs A: just ranting. Oh you know the whole crew and also the girl I consider my stupid-but-sweet-friend.

Some of the women are great. But alot of them are phonies.

Classy & Fabulous said...

People talk, people gossip and people backbite but we shouldn't believe them and we shouldn't even listen to them. Most of us have been victims of ridiculous gossip and bullying, or been backbitten by somebody we used to consider a friend, especially us ladies and I know it hurts, even if 99,9 per cent of time the gossip isn't even true.

Don't waste your time ranting over it, it's not worth it. It's painful but it means it's time to move on and separate real friends from people who could be jealous of you or trying to cause fitna. I don't know you personally, I'm just a random blog reader but you seem like a nice person, so don't put yourself at the same level with the backbiters, you're better than that. Just live your life and leave the haters behind.