Saturday, April 13, 2013

Things to do in Oman this half of April

Are you one of those girls who sit at home, waiting for the phone to ring, bored out of your mind, hoping someone, anyone, will invite you to something, anything at all?  Below, a list of current events, so you don't have to sink to that level of despair;):
WHAT: Watch the Red Bull Soap Box race. Entrance is free. Basically you watch people race some homemade carts down a hill. Good family fun. A way better post describing the event than my own is found here (along the GPS and directions) .
WHEN: April 18th 20132pm-6pm
WHERE: Baushar sand dunes

WHAT: Tour of Bait Zubair Museum with the Womens Guild Oman. Tour includes Omani coffee and dates and costs only 2 OMR (good deal girls). So if you've never done the Bait Zubair and fancy a day at the museum, tickets are available for purchase from the WGO ladies this month at the Jungle Restaurant in Al Qurum (attached to Qurum Park) Wednesday April 17th between 10am-12pm.
WHEN: April 23rd 2013, at 10:00am
WHERE: Old Muscat, Bait Zubair museum
WHAT: The Center for Omani Dress [preserving traditional Omani cultural dress] is hosting a scavenger/treasure hunt fundraiser. Pre-registration is required to participate, and the price is 25OMR to register per team of 2-4 people (age 12+) and at least one team member is required to have a camera or phone with a built-in camera to participate. Prizes will be awarded to the top three based on most correct answers and best time. Maps of Mutrah souq will be provided (the first good map I've yet seen), and gift bags for all participants.
WHEN:  April 25th 2013, at 9:00am, event beginning 10:00am-1:00pm
WHERE: Beginning at Riyam park, heading into Mutrah Souq
To pre-register you'll need to fill out this form:!whats-on/c1ow5 and bring it to one of the areas mentioned.
WHAT: Omani brand Daziaa is having an open house to showcase their latest collection.
WHEN: April 30th from 10am-1pm
WHERE: House No. 8184, Way No. 884, SEEB phone: 98540940
WHAT: Textiles and Gifts Expo, for more information April 30th- May 6th 2013 [before this date you can check in on an exhibition on Omanisation, if that interests you;)]
WHERE: Halls 1&2 of the Exhibition center (Seeb? Near Golden Tulip?)

WHAT ELSE: If you love Jazz music or famous operas, there'a ALOT alot going in Muscat. See these three posts for more and
And in case you didn't know, every Monday is ladies day at City Center malls (Qurum and Seeb) so we girls get various gifts/discounts on these days. For a run-down on the available discounts see this directory (yay, 10% of Tim Horton's): If I come up with any other promotions, or events I'll let you know.

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Interesting things to do for best time spending in Oman, I am planning our next trip to Oman with my family.