Monday, April 22, 2013

KHALEEJI DESIGNER ABAYAS: Haal Inc. does colour-blocking for its 2013 collection

 Haal Inc, stands for the Arabic word "haal" for the spice, cardamom, basically saying the abaya is a timeless aspect of the GCC culture like that cooking ingredient. From such a timeless name for your brand, you'd expect quite a traditional spin on the abaya but this label is as modern as it gets, with a pretty awesome colour-blocked collection, full of all the trends to make abayas very accessible, no matter how young one is or new to abaya. I loved the collection, especially when it comes to casual style. These are really the perfect uni. abaya, or for just chilling with your friends. Very urbane, very youthful, very chill. Wesbite: Haal inc. - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Clothing Store | Facebook
I would probably pair with Vincci neon or geometric shoes and handbags (mainly because I love that neon lace clutch purse with courdinating heels and because the geomtrics prints remind me of Prada):


❤ αmαℓ said...

I really like them! Thanks for sharing :)

The Duncan Adventures said...

Love the yellows and mint green on the abaya, they look so fun and easy to wear :)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Amal: Me too, ma mishkila!

The Duncan Adventures: I looooooved the yellows.