Friday, April 12, 2013

Design deliberations... go dark with the burnished golds of the desert... or go white, bright, light, and romantically tropical

Right now, I am totally undecided. I am in the middle of my bedroom-set make-over project. As it was, I can't live without a full bedroom set, nor can I make ammends with an ugly Arabic-style one. I just can't, forgive me.
That means, a. I have primed with oil-based wood primer everything in the room but the massive wardrobe. This means, headboard, foot-board, side-tables, and vanity. This has taken forever since I did it it totally ghetto, without a paintbruth, without a roller. Basically, finger-painting primer. I don't recommend. I am totally splurging on a brush and roller (probably like 2 rials tops) for the wardrobe. Anyways... it says on the primer can that it takes 4 hours to set. But in reality it takes 1 week. It recommends two coats. I only paint if my husband is gone for three days in a row and I have spare time, so thus why it has taken me like 5 months to get this far along. I am waiting for my husband to go to Salalah with my inlaws in the summer so I can get the wardrobe done the same.
My conundrum now comes... I will probably not take this piece/set of furniture with me if ever I move. I bought it used for 40 rials and it was alot fo work to take apart, move, and put back together. And I a m a four-poster bed kind-of-girl. My plans have thus far been to paint it a dark brown---almost black, in order to make due while saving for my dream bed to be imported from Zanzibar. Which is definately my style. Then I was going to upholster it with black leather and brass-nail stud trim.
But then I thought about the space, and the fact that I want to sell it in one year's time from now...and it is simply more reasonable to paint it white, after all, it is faux-baroque. It is a much more romantic bedroom set in white, also easier and less expensive to upholster simply in any old fabric... I am contemplating. I saw this bedskirt and fell in love. The room could have a more beachy Omani vibe to it, I guess.
 I love the idea of the current Zara home 2013 linens collections, with tropical palms and flowers as well. Usually I am into something overly more dark and masculine but... green is nice. Refreshing. Chic. I also like the handles available at Zara. I have to replace the hardware of my wardrobe in the final stage of its make-over.
I also like hot pink and turquoise, which I've done before. I like Zara's very water -colour-esque print, like a spalsh of happiness. I can see a nice simple sprig of pink bougainvilla in a glass vase on my night stand with this.

I, like blogger was inspired by this window display at City Center (I loved the curtains and safron yellow as well---though leopard isn't me personally):
I also could see myself finding another old junk piece of furniture and transforming it into this beauty with unused nailhead trim:
...if I had more time on my hands of course. Sighhhhh.

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Inshallah you will get things finished.