Monday, March 18, 2013

Wherever the winds take you.... when in Oman

Today I am just sitting in my office, mulling alot of big news over. One big piece of news is that my Omani husband is going to apply to adopt/foster an Omani orphan here in Oman. What criteria there is, I have no idea. Will be me being Western affect his plans? Can we make enough time for more kids [we already have four]? Will any child be affected by the stigma attached in Omani society to a child's parents' supposed sins? There is alot to consider. And also, maybe we will move. Again. because husband wants somewhere bigger. With a better yard. Something green. Not just dirt. There are ACs to be considered, the cost of the movers, finding decent movers, making time in my work schedule since husband always I will unpack but really that only means doing the hevay lifting, not arranging DVDs and books on bookshelves ect...
Sometimes, don't you just wish you could sail away like Sinbad, into the unknown without care on a grand old adevnture? Sometimes I do, we all do, but I very much doubt Sinbad had the responsibilities of a family, house to keep, and job to not get fired from lol. Anyways, we'll see where the wind sets our sails in the days ahead. Should be interesting.
I guess alot of people consider me and the other OPNO girls pretty adventuress. I mean, all of us moved here without jobs, without husbands, without family, with only a couple [ok, in some cases, like 8] of suitcases and a dream of life somewhere alive and with history. Coming here, I wad determined to make my own history, my own rules, my own way... But it is easy to be that daring, to be that risky, when one doesn't have dependents, or a life they already love and want to maintain. So what I'm wondering is, if I am still willing to embark on another great adventure or if it is time for me to settle on in... Who knows...
And of course... some eye candy, just because.

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