Saturday, March 9, 2013

This summer is going to be a hot one in Oman

Omani beduoin woman
Goals for this summer: go to Sharqiyah and visit a Bedouin family MOP is friends with. I want an excuse to hang out sans abaya and wear a birqa and every piece of gold that I own.
Fisherman from Sohar
 Go to the fish souq in Sohar and visit some friends of OPNO. We OPNO girls used to drive up to Sphar at least once every two months, and now it has been over a year or more since our last road trip.
 Go camping in the desert. Just because. We love to camp and the last desert trip was forever ago. Summer camping means sleep all day and stay up all night but that's okay too.
 Try to compile a basic cook book of Omani recipes from different regions for this blog. There are some cookbooks out there but they seem to be more general and include Arabic recipes Omanis make that aren't necessarily Omani in origin.
 Get our Eid dresses tailored, ASAP. I am feeling an Omani lendli/lael inspired by Morocco:
 COpy the recipe for Kargeen's pomegranite-topped salad:
 And help H design a red kitchen for herself:


Boxie said...

Now that sounds like a good summer. Inshallah I will also get to enjoy the hot weather.

Sarah Ali said...

I love your sense of humor about wearing a birka and lots of gold. I really love how colorful the Omani Bedouins are. I remember how they wear this black gauze netting over their colorful dresses.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Boxie: InshaAllah:)

Sarah Ali: Me too!