Sunday, March 24, 2013

The School Shooting in Shinas

There was a school shooting in Shinas a couple days ago now. The newspapers report that a government-Omani teacher entered the school and shot a student in the chest. They write the reasons for it are that the teacher cited "abuse" as his reason to shoot this student, and that it was a "honour killing".

Which makes the teacher sound insane.

The real story is that the fact that the shooter was a teacher is of no consequence. He was not connected to the boy he shot through the education system AT ALL.

What connected the shooter to the student that he shot was the shooter's son, who happened to have been kidnapped and raped by the secondary student whom the shooter shot.

SO the people in the story are actually, the Shooter, the Rapist, and the rape victim.

The Shooter went to the police to ask something be done about the rape of the victim. When nothing was being done, the shooter took the law into his own hands [which I do disagree with still] and shot the rapist/child molester.

Which makes him look whole lot less crazy now doesn't it?

I mean, I still think it is crazy to go out and shoot someone, but if anyone ever hurt my daughter, and then I went to the police and reported it, and they seemed to be just sitting on their (you know) on it, then I'd probably freak out and don't know exactly what I'd do.

Probably a crime.

Of course, what I am wondering is, who at the school gave the angry father access to the student during school hours? I mean, they probably couldn't have seen this one coming but... I mean.

Anyways, I find it all very disturbing and sad.

I hope the man's son recovers form his traumatic incident but I do believe the criminal charges his father is now likely facing will make that ever more difficult to do sadly.

For links to this story and other tragic crimes in Oman of late (the gang rape of an Asian woman in Sohar) [if she was my friend whose to say or not if I'd want to go shoot the men who raped her?] see this post by Andy: &

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