Friday, March 22, 2013

OMANI DESIGNERS: Amal Al Raisi from Dar Al Aseel

Above pictured, the beautiful and talented designer behind Omani label, Dar Al Aseel, Amal Al Raisi, photographed at the Muscat Opera house (I believe).
 And her 2013 collection:
Collection POSSIBLY available online through contacting: or by calling: +968-95263883/ 22007922


Colbie Marris said...

very beautiful

Madena said...

First of all, I love love love your blog. I have always wanted to know more about women's lives in the Middle East. You have been so candid, it is a beautiful window into Omani life of a "princess." :)
I have always loved to pain veiled women and women of the east, and your stories inspire me to do more of that.
Thank you for making Islam shine.