Saturday, March 9, 2013

MY OWN PHOTOS: Old Al Khoud, Seeb Corniche, and mandhi in Mabaela, typical Muscat weekend

 ON the weekend one of the OPNO girls had a chore to do, and so she ended up in old Al Khoud. As luck would have it this incredible set of ruins was spied from across an almost-marsh-like wadi.
Of course, she had to scale the hillside, and check it out. Being just outside of Muscat it is interesting to note that nothing about old Al Khoud is remarked about to have any historical significance.
 As can be seen though, the ruins, near an actual swimming area, with actual clean water (opposite across the road from the marsh) made this an ideal spot for a short stop and picnic. Alas, there was no plans for a picnic, and no picnic goodies, so it was only hunger that drove OPNO down from the view.
 And what a lovely veiw it is:
 Of course, before lunch was to be had, there was a trip to Seeb Souq and Seeb mall in order. Arabic dresses were gazed before the afternoon call to pray was heard.

Jalabiyias and caftans abound in Seeb mall.

 Sights along the Seeb corniche:
Mosque near Seeb souq entrance on the Corniche side.

A sprinkling of mansion-type villas.

 A house that I like.

The Royal Stables.

The Zanzibari restaurant, one of my all time faves, alas, it was closed:
 Tea was had by OPNO instead:

Another house I like.

Until OPNO arrived in Mabaela near Mazoon mosque where she had a yemeni type of food all the OPNO girl's love called "mandhi". 
 To eat mandhi, usually a group asks for a family section, where the rooms are private and curtained off, and there are Arabic-style majlis cushions propped up against the walls, and food is eaten from trays served on the floor while seated. I highly recommend one tried mandhi if they never have. Despite it being but a simple meat and rice dish, it is delicious.
 Usually a salad and soup are served. The soup is actuall the stock used to flavour the rice. I love it anyways, and the better the mandhi restaurant, the better the soup.
 OPNO ordered goat mandhi (that little bowl on the dish is a spciy sauce to drizzle over the rice)...
 ...and kingfish mandhi.
The Mabaela mandhi restaurant is always busy, and OPNO could see why, her food was delicious!

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