Sunday, March 17, 2013

EVENTS: Omani Girl Tea Party

The invitations were home-made and came with complimentary tea favors
One event that two OPNO blog contributer's recently attended was a small private Omani girl's (English-style) tea party in Mabaela. This is pretty normal for Omani women and all, to plan get-togethers with other women in the privacy of their own homes so that no one need wear abaya or shaylas. At these kind of things they usually serves some sweets and Omani tea and coffee. Which is nothing too foreign to women from outside Omani culture;).
What we wore: Forever21 peplum polka-dots and H&M chiffon pleated black skirt with a vintage charm bracelet & below: a blouse, peplum skirt and blazer, all Zara:
Location was: a friend's private home with a number of her personal friends and family.
These kinds of things are always about the people you are with, and the food:
 Sweets above, and cucumber (and mint!) sandwiches below:
 And, literally my childhood in a bowl: fresh raspberries with whipped cream (and strawberries for those less discerning pallettes):


Boxie said...

I do not know why but I enjoy making all the small sandwiches for a party. Tuna is my favorit :p. though I know that would send one opno girl running for the hills. Inshallah you will get to go to more tea party's.

A Writer said...

This made me hungry!

ღUmmعℓαwiღ said...

Ahhhh i know which OPNO cant stand tuna hehehe can forget our own little parties back in Canada, ehhh?? Boxie whenever u arrive back in Oman i will make it my plan to fly out there so inshaaAllah we can remenisce ^_^

i miss u guys wallah especially me lauging at my own jokes and Boxie being confused and u Pixie telling me not to be so mean :-b

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Boxie: Didn't anyone old school tell you tune is simply not polite because of the smell it leaves on the breath? Salmon, though is fine with the OPNO you are talking about, so long as she doesn't need to eat it lol.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

A Writer: I can still taste the raspberries!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Umm Alawi: That'd be so great!

Boxie said...

I dislike salmon sandwiches. I just like to eat it smoked. If you add cucumber and celery it does not smell as bad on the breath. Though I know it's still a no go for you.

Inshallah see you then ummعlawi