Friday, February 22, 2013

A little bit of weekend glamour in Oman?

Hello dear readers, how is your weekend going? Mine is going not so glamorously, with OPNO busy reading through boring econmoically-based reports on Oman [yipee] and listening through hours of recorded meetings [some of which are unintelligable because the recorder was left near a pile of devices that makes the recorder make shreiking sounds instead of recording]. So, as a treat for myself and my readers, a break, with some decadent eye-candy and a few lovely links from other Omani bloggers to help you do something this evening while I sit at home with my computer and boring papers:
 And a few lovely links:
3.) And just because she is so cute and this post made my husband and I laugh especially about googling to make friends because, yeah, some places in Oman, it happens lol
4.) And if you wanted to learn a little about the languages spoken in Oman {no I am not talking just Arabic and Hindi] but the actual historical languages before expats

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