Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wasta in the Ministry of Education

Dear Ministry of Education,

I know you always have to tell me watsa doesn't come exist when I come in and you have to explain why overqualified so-and-so comes in for training that her region recommended her for as she was the only one from there who knew anything about the subject and then someone who STILL knows nothing (even after their free scholarship to Australia)  gets the training slot JUST BECAUSE they know so and so and asked for it.

But can you explain to me why that Religion teacher who was always coming drunk to work and was teaching hadith as Qu'ran and Qu'ran as hadith [because he was smashed out of his mind] and was well known to other teachers and families in Al Wusta as going out with his female teenage students and comitting "zina" was somehow awarded a position in that region's directorate?

Because I can't understand it.

With all those letters in the Ministry of Education explaining the reasons for wasta-awards for scholarships floating around in the Arabic Whats-app groups after they've been taken of the Omani Sabla online forum you'd think someone would be more careful. Just because someone's mother "worked hard for the Minstry" is no excuse to be awarding scholarships and positions to people who are the very lowest form of low in Oman or to rich kids whose families can afford more than an education for their kids.

I mean, does nobody's else's mother work hard?

And for that boss who promoted his tight-fitted abaya office girl over the Omania who worked overtime without pay all the time in hopes of getting that same promotion, now everyone knows just how "fair" you are. I don't think you'll find anyone else left on your entire floor to do your extra work now. But maybe you can always ask "over-tailored-dummy". Afterall, you know just how smart and qualified SHE IS.

Peace out.


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