Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions? I am constantly making goals for myself through out the year and never set aside one day a year to start over and do anything different. Whenever people say happy new year I kinda laugh silently to myself because who knows what happiness is to be in it or not?

While that can sound a bit negative, negative about bettering myself and the world around me I am not. I think goals towards these things are a wonderful thing.

So do I have any goals?

I always have decoration/renovation goals for my home. Too many.

Since I had my daughter I haven't cared too much about enhancing my wardrobe but that should change this year. I am going to be more social. I will go to all the parties and events I am invited to (inshaAllah). I will not take it as too much work. I will be organized with my time. I will baby-proof my little black (actually, it is orange) book.

Work-wise, I think my current work is pretty important (not to me) but to the world at large, so I better care about every little thing that I do. (Which it gets hard to when it comes down to the grind and to boring nuances).

People say I should make a goal to be less angry, more patient, and more flexible. I say, well, I won't accomplish that in one year sooooo people better be more clear by way of example if they want ME to change.

Spiritually, I think I need the social environment. The Mosques are all in Arabic, so I need to find the English religious set around here (which are a minority or kind of pseudo-religious and more hypocritical than righteous). I miss the sisters I knew back NA and Europe. I can say that my Qu'ranic Arabic has deteriorated since moving to Oman. Which is not the effect I expected. I know there's like-minded people out there in Oman suffering the same as I am. We should meet.

Creatively, I should produce something in the written word that is complete, whereas I tend to start a million projects and then give them to other writers to make a book out of it. I want to be the artist, not the muse for once.

I should also contact people outside Oman more. I am bad at that.

That's my goals for what time and space I have in this life at the moment.


Valerie Serag said...

Hey OPNO I adore your blog. Good luck with your resolution, I made a list as well hopefully Ill stick to my resolutions. Please check out my list if you like
best wishes from Germany

Noor said...

You know its funny I also feel that a lot of things in me have lessened since moving to Saudi. Weird, I thought it would be the opposite.